As a cannabis company, canna-center is committed to providing support to the community in which we live. Through intentional and engaged community investments, volunteer days, and fundraising efforts, we aim to increase the vitality of cathedral city diverse neighborhoods and expand our industry’s capacity to do good.

We don’t just give back, we give forward.

At canna-center, we believe that being good a neighbor means more than running a clean, ethical, and compliant business. It also means providing support and care for our local communities. Since 2016, with the help of kindColorado, we’ve engaged our corporate resources and local retailers to support community projects and nonprofits through our Cannabis Social Responsibility plan. In 2017, canna-center donated to local nonprofit organizations and our volunteers have invested more than 200 hours assisting in local communities.

We are proud to live and work in this diverse and growing community and believe that it is our responsibility to give back. More so, it is our hope that through this work others within the cannabis community will feel inspired to join us in providing support for local populations and communities

The facilities and services render by canna-center has help alot in the social and economic development of our communities thanks alot to their helping hands .James Robert

Our corporate giving efforts are focused on people experiencing homelessness, hunger relief, seniors and veterans. Additionally, each of our 8 retail locations is partnered with community agencies and nonprofits to provide support for food insecure populations in Colorado. As part of the canna-center commitment to give forward, our team supports the community by participating in company-wide volunteer activities each month. Once per quarter, each store and its affiliated non-profit organization collaborate on local volunteering activities. We also facilitate food drives and fundraising efforts for our community partners.

If you would like to help canna-center create a positive impact in most communities, please get in touch at sales@uscannashop.com

Written by canna center

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